The participants learn how to conduct clear and effective presentations that draw the attention of the audience. The teachers will give feedback and guidance on linguistic aspects, style, speaking tone, and the use of presentation tools.

Email Communication

The participants will learn how to use email effectively.

Contents:  email etiquette, correct expressions, proper forms and tones, punctuation, abbreviations, cultural differences, and dealing with complaints and problem situations.

Telephone communication

The participants will learn phrases and expressions required in telephone communication and practice a large variety of telephonic situations to gain confidence in both formal and informal telephone communication.

Accounting terminology

The course focuses on basic professional English terminology of the financial sector. The participants will learn to understand key accounting terminology and apply it to practice. The training sessions focus on both written and oral language skills and include a lot of practical exercises.

Financial statements terminology

This one-day course focuses on English language terminology related to the preparation of financial statements, with emphasis on IFRS terminology. The course is designed for accountants, controllers, CFOs, and other members of the personnel involved in the preparation of the financial statements.