Elementary level (1-2)

The aim of the elementary-level course is to acquire the basic skills in both written and spoken Finnish used in everyday life.


  • Vocabulary: numbers, time, places, describing people and things
  • Speaking:  greetings, good-byes, requesting items and services at shops, restaurants, doctor appointments etc.
  • Structures:  verb types and tenses, noun types and cases (basic, partitive, genitive and local cases) and sentence types (subject-verb-object, possessive, necessity, predicative)

Intermediate level (3-4)

The aim of the intermediate-level course is to improve the skills learned at the elementary level. The skills are practised through speaking and writing. The knowledge of Finnish culture deepens.


  • Vocabulary:  basic concepts of society, culture, politics, work related topics
  • Speaking and writing: personal interests, familiar topics, current news and events
  • Structures:  passive, conditional, infinitive and participle verb forms, noun cases (essive, translative, abessive) and comparative & superlative adjectives and adverbs

Advanced level (5-6)

At the advanced level, the participants already have a good knowledge of the Finnish grammar and a wide vocabulary. The learning material is adjusted to their specific needs. In this phase, the participants can decide whether to concentrate on speaking, writing or comprehension.


  • Vocabulary:  culture, politics, current events, complex issues at work
  • Structures: use of  the infinitive and participle in different structures
  • Speaking and writing: context-related tasks

Communication: presentations, writing documents for work or various formal purposes, etc.